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Everyone knows there’s a shortage of workers with the right skills in the UK. OSP Group is doing something about it.

We’re recruiting talented and motivated people from around the world to fill the skills gap. We focus on their skills, attitude and work ethic irrespective of background and nationality.

The world is a global village now and with or without Brexit the UK will no doubt continue to welcome people who can grow our economy.

We specialise in the construction, transport & freight, and industrial sectors across the South East. Clients like our approach; for their projects to work out they need the right people at the right time. Candidates like us because we’re their reliable careers partner.

OSP is a private family business with a team spirit and a long term vision. We’re growing and welcome the right candidates and new clients we can serve.

“The individuals working within the agency are friendly and concise. The communication is clear and positive and I was impressed with how quickly they were able to find and offer me work. Great!”



“OSP Group has become our preferred supplier of labour in the London area. OSP has helped us expand our business in the South East over the last 12 months.”

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“Have used OSP group for work for a while now, Dan and Quinn never fail to find me work. There is always good communication and I would highly recommend them.”



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M&E, construction, management and technical.

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OPS Group meets your needs as they evolve.

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Your reliable partner who understands your industry.

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You’ll find that OSP can meet your immediate requirements for next day placement or for longer term and permanent employment.

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If you want to advance your career we will be delighted to help you make the progress you want.