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Costas Pieri | OSP Group Ltd


“We’ve based our ESG strategy on a simple idea, that we’re people you can rely to do the right thing. The last 18 months has been very challenging for everyone; all the more reason for OSP Group to continue focus absolutely on being people our friends in the industry and the community can rely on.”

OSP Group provides specialist recruitment for our selected industry sectors. Our existence and development are due to the quality and reliability of the people we place at our clients’ operations.

For us there are five streams: our natural environment, our team, the industries we serve, our local communities, and of course the manner in which we run our business.
We recognise that this is a journey and we strive to do better. So we will be providing updates on a quarterly basis.

If we continue to give our clients what they want – the right people at the right time – we plan to continue to perform better and better across our five streams.

Costas Pieri
Group Founder and MD
OSP Group

Protect our natural environment> Strive to have a positive rather than negative effect on our natural environment> We acknowledge that our natural environment is precious, finite and threatened> Our staff is increasingly using public transport again to reduce carbon footprint

> We continue to adhere to all environmental policies at all client sites where we operate

> Our administrative offices comply with all current environmental standards

Look after our team> Prioritise personal safety, as well as physical and mental wellbeing of our people

> Create work opportunities for those who demonstrate reliability

> Recognise that all our people are on career paths and help make those careers successful and fulfilling

> We acknowledge that our natural environment is precious, finite and threatened> Zero staff fatalities and zero staff accidents since OSP Group started operations in 2013

> Zero COVID fatalities or outbreaks despite continuous operations

> Staff motivation remains high with less than 1% sickness rate

Serve our chosen industry sectors> Provide a level of service and quality of personnel that are new to the sectors we serve

> Focus on sourcing, training and motivating the people needed to fill the UK’s critical skills shortage

> Give clients competitive advantage by ensuring their projects can run on time and on budget.

> We’re innovators and create new ways of working

> We recognise that change is necessary in order to improve industries

> Client acquisition and retention remains high

> We now have over 110 clients across a range of sectors

> International clients and projects are still strong despite Brexit

> We are utilising a market leading supply chain auditor to ensure compliance within the group

> We have now over 500+ temporary staff out on site, placed at client operations.

Help our community> Seek out those who are helping people in need and give them the support they need according to our available resources> We see that while there are those who can look after themselves, there are many people in our society who need assistance> We continue to support Invicta Dynamos ice hockey team and Millwall FC and we are reaching out to their local schools and communities

> We have been supporting homeless charities including One Big Family which provides essentials for those in need

> We have started to support two new exciting partners: Gillingham Town FC and Forward Facing, a charity helping families who have children with shortened life expectancy.

Run our company responsibly> Have clear and consistent goals and strategy

> Ensure profitability and cashflow so that we can operate efficiently and grow our business

> Keep accurate financial records and ensure timely filings

> Maintain our company’s good reputation at all times

> We acknowledge that our natural environment is precious, finite and threatened> During COVID disruptions we reduced costs, did not use the furlough scheme and paid back all deferred VAT

> We have returned to profitability and will be investing in further growth, subject to any possible recurrence of COVID disruption

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