OSP Group now supporting Forward Facing, the charity helping families whose children have life-shortening conditions

OSP Group, the Gillingham-based specialist recruitment company, is now supporting the remarkable Sussex-based charity, Forward Facing, run by Candice Konig.

Forward Facing provides activities and events for families living with long-term illness and bereavement.

Tasleen Carstairs set it up in 2008 following a family trauma of her own.

Tasleen in 2013: “We work with some of the most vulnerable groups in the community. Some of the children we work with are so poorly and don’t have many opportunities to do fun things, and the parents are pretty isolated as well. It’s about trying to do something for all of them. We really do see a transformation. I think by showing someone that you believe in them, it helps them to start believing in themselves.” (The Argus).

Tragically Tasleen passed away due to cancer in May 2014 and during her last days her best friend Candice Konig promised to continue the good work.

Candice Konig

A key activity for families, many of whom struggle financially, is taking them on days out. Recently Candice took a group to visit a donkey sanctuary and a disabled child with a visual impairment beamed with delight when he petted the animals.

In this way Candice can deliver on the charity’s promise, to make memories, build confidence and support families. Other events that make happy memories include visits to sporting events, theatres and farms.

Candice: “Those precious moments help so much in propelling families through hugely stressful times. Interestingly, it’s not just the kids and the mums, it’s the dads as well. If we can help a dad get to a football match with his mates it energises him so he can continue to provide the best for his family.”

Costas Pieri, founder and MD of OSP Group: “When I came across Forward Facing I was amazed. I’ve never seen a charity do so much with so little. It’s really extraordinary that Candice took up the challenge and succeeded in continuing and developing the great work that Tasleen had done. I don’t think anyone could fail to be moved by what they do. So I’m really pleased that we can help.”

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