OSP Group now supporting Gillingham Town FC

OSP Group is now supporting Gillingham Town FC, founded in 2010 by Richard, Dave and Darren Hasemore and Paul Pickford. 

Paul Pickford: “I’m a former alcoholic and was living in a hostel. My peers stayed in their rooms all day so I told them to get outside and start playing football! I had been in an adult football team at the age of 15 and was determined to get back out there. That was really the beginning of what became Gillingham Town FC! Being free of my addiction, I was able to put all my energies building the club. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m now five years sober, with help from Gillingham Town FC, giving me a purpose and being part of something special.”

The club started out in Division 6 of The Rochester and District League and after many promotions is now in the Kent County League (Division 3 Central and East).

Paul Pickford: “One of the reasons for our success has been the involvement of our Brazilian friends and players, including notably Alex Bernardes, and Denílson Neves, who played for Arsenal for seven years, and Gilberto Silva Jnr, the son of the world famous player.

Costas Pieri, founder and MD of OSP Group: “Paul and his team have achieved such great things. It’s an inspiring story. Paul turned his life around and just look at the result. It’s amazing what people can achieve when they have the energy and determination! I’m really pleased to be supporting this club and wish them yet more success this coming season.”

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PA to Costas Pieri, Founder and MD
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