OSP Group’s new report on Environmental, Social and Governance

Costas Pieri, Founder and MD of OSP Group:

“We’ve based our ESG strategy on a simple idea, that we’re people you can rely on to do the right thing. The last 18 months has been very challenging for everyone; all the more reason for OSP Group to continue to focus absolutely on being people our friends in the industry and the community can rely on.

OSP Group provides specialist recruitment for our selected industry sectors. Our existence and development are due to the quality and reliability of the people we place at our clients’ operations.

For us there are five streams: our natural environment, our team, the industries we serve, our local communities, and of course the manner in which we run our business.

We recognise that this is a journey and we strive to do better. So we will be providing updates on a quarterly basis.

If we continue to give our clients what they want -the right people at the right time –we plan to continue to perform better and better across our five streams.

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Karee Wilkin
PA to Costas Pieri, Founder and MD
OSP Group Ltd
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About OSP Group Ltd

OSP is a specialist recruitment company providing a level of service and quality of personnel that give clients competitive advantage and ensures business operations run on time and within budget. OSP has built a reputation for sourcing, training and motivating the people UK needs for the construction, transport & logistics and industrial sectors.

OSP Group is based in Gillingham, Kent and has offices in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Liverpool and Glasgow. Clients include construction, transport & freight and industrial companies in across the UK.